Learn how to use the Evaluation module to rank and score the responses from your suppliers

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This article is intended for buyers.

If you’re a supplier check out our supplier help articles here.

This article will cover:

What is the Evaluation module?

The evaluation module allows buyers and their teams to score then rank each Supplier’s submission to requests.

Buyers outline the criteria to be evaluated, this can be directly or indirectly related to the RFx structure.

Once your suppliers have responded to a request, evaluators can access the responses and score each criteria, the system will automatically rank overall scores.

The buyer team can review evaluation progress by each evaluator, prompt reminders and review overall scores, all from the Comparison View within the request.

The Evaluation module will support the audit-ability of the overall process and allow collaboration in a much easier and succinct fashion with your colleagues.

This is not a mandatory module, you are able to skip this segment

Evaluation Set Up

You can find the evaluation tab at the top of your request

Once you enable evaluation, you are required to select a scoring type:

Individual Scores: Multiple evaluators are granted access to the relevant pages. They score and comment against each criteria in the pages they have been given access to, and the system will collate all of their scores to present an overall weighted average for each criteria, section, page, and ultimately overall Supplier score

Single Score: One User has access to evaluate and score the supplier responses. Multiple people can comment but only a single score will be applied to the Supplier, with the same weightings applied

Next, choose between the different evaluation requirements for each page. Each page can use different evaluation methods

Linked to requirements allows you to link evaluation scores to different pages you set up when you built your request

Separate criteria allows you to input your own criteria requirements against your own points & weighting

You can add as many criteria as you would like under each section and weigh them based on how important they are relative to each other

Deleting pages within Evaluation

You can remove pages from the Evaluation if scoring is not required for a specific page on the request.

All pages will be added to evaluation by default, but can be deleted with the “Delete page” button next to the page title.

Removed pages will disappear and there will be no requirement to provide criteria or scoring against these pages.

Removed pages can be added back as required with the “Add page” button, on both drafts and revisions.

To view how to set permissions of which users can evaluate, please click here


Once your suppliers have completed a stage, you will receive notifications to evaluate their response

There are red exclamation marks in every required score response, currently, you can see no scores have been awarded:

To score, click on the individual line items & assign points:

Once all team members have completed their evaluation you should see the status change:

Comparison view

Once your bids are in from your suppliers you are able to see a comparison table view where you can score against each page & compare. This will calculate an overall score at the bottom in % according to the weighting & points you have assigned each evaluation previously.

Once the deadline has passed, you will be able to award the bid by using the dropdown next do request actions.

Your supplier will be notified once the award has been given!

For any further queries, please email: support@deepstreamtech.com

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