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User roles

This article details different user profiles, permissions & access for Buyers.

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This article is intended for buyers. If you're a supplier, check out our supplier help articles here.

This article covers:

Super User

This role offers all available permissions, including user management, and default access to all company requests and contracts.

  • A Super User has oversight across the company and can take necessary actions.

  • They can see and manage all requests and contracts on the platform, even if not on the team.

  • Super Users can join a request or contract as an owner, and their role cannot be edited.

  • Users creating or invited to create a company are made a Super User by default.

  • Super Users do not receive notifications by default; they must be added to the team.

Full User

A Full User has all permissions except user management, with access to specific requests and contracts when part of a team.

  • Full Users can join a team as a Team Member or Owner within a request or contract.

  • Their visibility into contracts and requests is granted by the team.

  • Full Users can perform various activities on the platform, but their access is request-specific.

  • They can be Request Owners or Request Members, depending on their role.

  • Request Members have limitations, such as not sending requests to suppliers or submitting revisions.

Authorised Stakeholder

Authorised Stakeholders have limited capabilities and can join a team as a Team Member only within a request or contract.

  • They have visibility based on permissions granted by the team.

  • Intended for indirect users of the platform, such as legal or technical teams.

  • Authorised Stakeholders cannot send requests and won't impact billing profiles.

  • They can read, comment, and respond to a request, subject to permissions set by the request owner.

Overview of Roles


Manage Team

Create New Requests & Contracts

Receive New Requests and Contracts

Super User

Full User

Authorised Stakeholder

✏️ Please Note: All roles are documented in the audit trail. Role changes must be completed on the Team Management page by users with manage user permissions.

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