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Buyers can learn how to compare Supplier responses using the Comparison tab

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Comparison Tab

The Comparison tab will only appear once the Request has been pushed live and contains:

From the Comparison Tab you have a side-by-side comparison view of:

  • Supplier's responses to Questions & Line Items

  • Scoring for Supplier evaluation

You can also download a .CSV file of these tables if you are a Request Owner

Using the dropdown you can select a filtered view:

If you have assigned additional fields to Line items, you have the option of including them in the comparison table or hiding them by clicking on the drop down 'Hide fields'

Once you have selected which fields you would like to see in the comparison view, you have the ability to change the currency. Please click 'Source currency' to release a dropdown of currencies you can choose from:

To change the view, use the options on the right hand-side of the screen: row height and expand view.

Row height: change the height of each row in the comparison table in order to get the best view to compare all answers submitted.

Expand view: use this view so that you only see the comparison table on your screen to get the best overview. Select shrink view in the top right corner of the page to exit this view.

To click into Supplier's responses to questions & line items, please click on the arrows in the answer field to expand out to see any comments or directly respond to the Supplier

You can also use the '...' as a short cut to open the Supplier's bid page to see the full page of the request

Buyers communicating with a Supplier once the deadline has passed:

Please go into the request & click into the 'Suppliers' tab to find the appropriate Supplier you want to contact & click onto their name:

You can now click into any of the Supplier's responses:

Please then click the 'Reenable responses' button to allow the Supplier comment functionality & the ability to update their response:

For any further queries, please email:

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