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๐ŸŽƒ Release 130 ๐ŸŽƒ
๐ŸŽƒ Release 130 ๐ŸŽƒ

Release date: 9th of October 2023

Written by Cristiona
Updated over a week ago

Release 130 is a B-I-G one!

We've released our first iteration of public requests and our newest AI feature has gone live. Plus, we bid farewell to our existing pre-qualification feature to make way for pastures new (aka our new standalone Pre-qualification Hub).

Check out all the details below:

๐ŸŒ Public requests

  • You can now switch the visibility of your requests from "Private" to "Public" using the new "Visibility" panel on the "Suppliers" tab.

  • Once you make your request public, a unique URL will be generated. This URL serves as an open invitation for potential suppliers to view the essential details of your request and express their interest.

  • Suppliers who are keen to collaborate can easily indicate their intention to bid after signing up, streamlining the process for both parties.

  • All buyers will receive email notifications whenever suppliers express interest in your public request.

Public Requests won't be available by default - if you're curious about how Public Requests can benefit you, please reach out - our Customer Success team is ready to provide further details. Alternatively you can check out our dedicated article on all things Public Requests here.

๐Ÿ”ฎ Quest AI Chatbot

We are excited to introduce the Quest AI chatbot for contracts!

  • Users can now leverage the chatbot to inquire about their contracts, making contract-related queries more accessible and convenient.

  • Quest AI offers two distinct modes for users to choose from:

    • Retrieve Mode: Users can ask specific questions about the document, and Quest AI will provide relevant information.

    • Summarize Mode: Quest AI will automatically generate a summary of the document. Users can also provide specific directions, such as focusing on particular sections or requesting responses in bullet points.

And we're not stopping here, keep your eyes peeled for Quest 2.0 in the Requests Hub.

๐Ÿ“ Enhanced CSV Export & Import for Line Items - Here's How It Works!

  • Export CSV: Easily generate and export a CSV file containing all current fields and values within your line items section with the new "Export CSV" option.

  • Import from CSV: We've made importing smoother and more flexible!

    • Now you can map to all line item fields and field types, not just "Description," "Unit," and "Quantity."

    • Step 2 preview grid has been expanded and improved for better clarity.

    • Error indications within individual cells, columns, and rows are now crystal clear.

    • Fields are automatically mapped but can be adjusted manually if needed.

  • Plus, we've extended support for copy/paste to the "Product & Service tag" field type, making data entry even more convenient.

โšก Efficient Supplier Bidding

  • We've restyled activity panel events and comments to ensure they are concise and consistent.

  • Introducing a new nav and status bar that appears while any exchange modal is open:

    • Quickly switch between different exchanges.

    • Get clear status indications that track progress towards completion.

  • Say goodbye to manual steps! Our "Auto-Advance" feature will automatically open the next incomplete exchange modal once you've submitted a response in the current one.

  • We've made minor adjustments around conditions for showing "Undo" actions to fix potential issues.

๐Ÿ“ƒ Contracts Exchange Modal Enhancements

We've made updates to our exchange modals to reflect recent improvements on requests to ensure you have a consistent experience across our platform.

These changes have updates the following exchange types:

  • Documents and line items

  • Contract exchanges

๐Ÿ’ช Small but powerful updates

  • We've fixed an issue to ensure the correct status is displayed when a buyer accepts a supplier-offered deviation on a document exchange with the requirement to "Upload completed document or deviate."

  • The "Total cost" field has been removed from the "Buyer fields" section of the exchange modal, streamlining your experience.

  • You'll now see the "Total" cost indicator in the header of the buyer-side bid page only when you have at least "Can view" access to all line items sections in the request.

  • We resolved an issue causing requests to incorrectly show errors on award when they contain line items and have a dependent integration.

  • You can now easily edit your "CSV separator" preference in "User settings" by clicking the "Edit" button, which opens a convenient popup.

  • The "Reenable responses" action will no longer appear incorrectly in a linked evaluation exchange.

  • We fixed an issue where collaborator company user invite emails were not triggered correctly when the company and user were added by a super user.

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