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This article provides detailed guidance for Buyer users on how to enable public requests

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This guide is intended for buyers. If you're a supplier, check out our supplier help articles here.

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What are Public Requests?

Public requests allow buyers to publish the request, making it visible to any potential suppliers who can then submit an intention to bid on it.

The benefit for buyers is that by publishing the request more widely than DeepStream, it reaches a broader audience of interested suppliers, resulting in more bids.

This differs from 'private' requests, which can only be seen and accessed by suppliers explicitly invited and signed up to the platform.

Suppliers who wish to submit their intention to bid on a public request are required to sign up for DeepStream. Following this, the supplier can be added to the request to submit their bid.

Enabling Public Requests

  1. The ability to make your request public is found under the Suppliers tab. Upon creating a request, visibility is automatically set to private.

  2. To change the visibility of your request, select Edit > Public and Save.

  3. Once your request is live you can publicise this via your channels using the unique URL. Under the Suppliers tab on the request in the Visibility box click on the Copy link button to copy the unique URL. To view the public request page click on the View page button.

  4. When a supplier sees your public request they get access to a full overview of the information in Stage 1 and submit their intention to bid.

  5. Once the public request is live it will also appear under Public in the Requests table menu, which can be accessed by any suppliers on our open network.

✏️ Please Note: Public requests are an add-on, and if you encounter any issues, you can contact customer success for assistance.

✏️ Please Note: Request content and the deadline for the public page are extracted from Stage 1; subsequent stages can be hidden as required.

Supplier Response to a Public Request

  1. Once suppliers have sent their intention to bid, they will be prompted to sign up for DeepStream, a process that is completely free and takes approximately 3-5 minutes.

  2. Once suppliers have created and verified their account, they can submit their intention to bid.

  3. After this, suppliers are required to wait until the buyer adds them to this request to respond.

✏️ Please Note: The email will come from and may enter your Junk or Spam box. If you do not receive it, please click 'send again'.

For further queries, please use our live chat feature or email:

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