Contacting a Buyer

This article details how Suppliers can contact a Buyer.

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Ways Suppliers can initiate communicate with a Buyer:

  • Clarifications: Messages sent to the Buyer for further details on the request

  • Comments: Messages aligned to a specific part of the request (i.e a Line item)

  • Bulletins: Messages shared with all Suppliers on a Request

  • Clarifications: Message sent to one Supplier for further details on the request

  • Chat: Where Buyers can communicate to Supplier's directly, Suppliers can't create chats. They can only respond.

  • Comments: Messages aligned to a specific part of the request (i.e a Line item)

Who can use these forms of communication?

To communicate with a Buyer, you need to be a user on the relevant request.

  • Owner - has full access to all content & has the ability to contact Buyers

  • Team member - needs 'Can edit' access to enable messaging functionality

Please note: all messages are logged in the audit trail & can be downloaded as a .CSV file


To create a new clarification, please go to the 'Messages' tab within the request. You can then click on '+New Clarification' which will bring up a Subject & Message field for you to infill:

The Buyer will receive an email notification & respond to your clarification in the same place

This is a direct conversation between yourself & the Buyer, no other entities will have access to this conversation. We recommend opening a new Clarification for each query.

Please note: you can open a clarification after a request has been closed, awarded or the deadline has passed

To respond to a clarification, please go to the 'Messages' tab within the request & into 'Clarifications'.

If a Buyer has opened a clarification with you, you will see the red notification where they are awaiting a response.

Once you open the clarification, you will have the ability to post a comment back

Buyers have the ability to respond to Supplier's clarifications with:

This links any previous Bulletins they have sent to your clarification


You can add a comment against any Question, Line Item or Document Buyers have requested you to complete.

Please click into the response field you would like to write a comment on & at the bottom of the page it will say 'Post comment'.

Once you have successfully left a comment, you will see this a number appear in the comments column indicating how many comments there have been


Bulletins are messages Buyers can broadcast to all Suppliers on a request.

Suppliers are not able to send Bulletins & are unable to respond directly to these but will receive an email notification once a Buyer has sent it.

Within the request, you will see a red notification next to the Messages tab to inform you the Buyer has sent communication.

Once you open the Messages tab, any Bulletin messages from the Buyer will appear below:


Chats allow one to one communication between Buyers & Suppliers, however only Buyers can create Chats.

Buyers can share and exchange documents with individual suppliers through the Chat if they enable the feature.

Please note: Chats can also be sent after a request has been closed, awarded or the deadline has passed


Notifications: you will receive a red notification symbol next to the 'Messages' tab to indicate there are updates in:

  • Bulletin

  • Clarification

  • Chat

Once you have clicked into the tab, you can see where the update is & how many messages you have:

For any further queries, please email:

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