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Communicate with our messaging tools
Communicate with our messaging tools

This article provides insights into the four primary ways to communicate within your team and with potential suppliers

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This article is intended for buyers. If you're a supplier, check out our supplier help articles here.

This article covers:


What are Bulletins?

Bulletins are messages shared with all suppliers on a Request. When you issue a Bulletin, an email is sent to all participating suppliers, prompting them to log in to DeepStream. Suppliers cannot respond directly to a Bulletin; instead, they must open a Clarification for queries. Bulletins can be posted via the Messages tab or when issuing a revision.

How to send a Bulletin via the Messages tab:

  1. Go to the relevant Request and select the Messages tab.

  2. Choose Bulletins and click the New bulletin option.

  3. Type the message and click New bulletin to post.

  4. Edit a posted Bulletin by clicking the Edit button.

  5. Once you have made the changes, click Update Bulletin.

✏️ Please Note: Any updates will be recorded on the Audit trail.

How to send a Bulletin off the back of issuing a revision:

This option is automatically provided during the revision process. Any time you make a revision to a live Request you will be asked if you would like to post a message to the Bulletin before you issue it.

Top Tip: Send a Bulletin to easily notify your Suppliers of any changes or updates you have made on a Request. Find out how to create and issue a revision here.

Once a Bulletin is posted you can refer to it in response to supplier Clarification messages.


What is a Clarification?

Clarification messages seek additional details or clarification and can be initiated by a buyer or supplier. These messages are linked to Bulletin posts and are downloadable as part of the Audit Trail report. Only the buyer can mark a Clarification as resolved.

How to create a new Clarification:

  1. Go to the relevant Request, head to the Messages tab, on the left click Clarifications and select + New Clarification.

  2. Select the supplier, enter the subject and message, and click Open Clarification.

How to respond to a Clarification:

  1. Open the Request and go to the Messages tab.

  2. Choose the Clarification to respond to.

  3. Options: Post comment, Refer to Bulletin, or Mark as resolved.

    • Post comment: This will allow you to type a message as a response.

    • Refer to Bulletin: If you have posted to the Bulletin, you can refer to it here.

    • Mark as resolved: If you would like to conclude this Clarification chain.

  4. Undo Refer to Bulletin or Mark as resolved by clicking Undo, which is marked as obsolete for the supplier. It will look like the below image.

✏️ Please Note: The action will not be removed from the Audit Trail.

How to download a trail of Clarifications:

Open a Request from the Clarification page or the report icon by selecting Clarifications.

  1. In the relevant request, head to the messages tab.

  2. Click on clarifications on the left hand side.

  3. Select Download report (.csv).


What is a Chat?

Chats enable direct communication with individual suppliers, and documents can be shared through the Chat feature. Chats can be created from the Messages tab or when Awarding or Closing a Request.

How to send a Chat from the Messages tab:

  1. Go to the relevant Request, select the Messages tab.

  2. Choose Chat and click the New Chat button.

  3. Type the subject and message, and optionally upload a document.

  4. Choose whether to allow the supplier to upload documents.

  5. Then click Open chat.

✏️ Please Note: Once you have chosen whether suppliers can upload documents or not, you will not be able to change the permissions for this particular Chat.

Posting a Comment

What is Posting a Comment?

The final communication method is posting comments within an exchange. Comments can be made on documents, questions, or line items. Internal team communication is facilitated through the Comments tab, where team members can post comments on the Request.

What is the Comments tab?

Communicate with your internal team members through the Comments tab, posting comments on the Request. Use this feature to build conversation threads around different topics.

Top Tip: Keep each topic you're discussing separate to create specific conversation threads that are simple to sort through and keep track of.

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