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Leverage our Network to find new suppliers
Leverage our Network to find new suppliers

Learn about the DeepStream Network and how to use it to find suppliers

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This article is intended for buyers.

If you’re a supplier check out our supplier help articles here.

This article will cover:

- What is the Network -

The Network is the collection of buyers and suppliers that are onboarded to the DeepStream platform.

Once you’ve signed up to DeepStream you will be able to search companies that have signed up to the platform through this Network. This means you can see both the suppliers that you’ve invited but also ones that other buyers have invited to the platform, or ones who have signed up organically.

You can then leverage this Network and include these suppliers in your Supplier Lists or invite them to participate in your Requests.

- How to find suppliers on the Network -

To find suppliers on the Network select the Network link in the navigation bar at the top of the platform.

There are three ways in which you can search for a supplier.

  1. By the supplier’s name

  2. By the supplier’s relevant Product & Services Tags

  3. By the supplier’s location

To search for a supplier by their name, in the search bar, type the company name you are looking for; if it appears then they are already signed up to the platform.

If you are not looking for a specific company you can search and filter companies through their Product & Services Tags.

✏️ Note: You can add as many filters as you would like to narrow your search.

To do this, scroll down and on the left side bar select edit next to products and services.

In the pop up window that appears you can then search by text or UNSPC code. Once what you’re searching for loads you can click open to see more information about each product and service and click the plus sign to add it to your filter

To make it simpler for you to identify new suppliers on the Network and diversify your supply chain you can choose whether you need the suppliers to match all the products and services selected or just some.

Once you click apply filter the suppliers with the relevant products and services tagged will be listed.

You can clear the Products & Services Tags filtered by clicking the edit button in the top right hand corner of the pop up window and select deselect all.

If you wish to filter suppliers by their location, scroll down on the left to supplier location and check the boxes next to the locations you are looking for. The companies with that location tagged will then be listed.

You can clear the location filter by selecting clear.

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