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Signing a Contract

Learn how to sign a contract using e-Signature

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This article is intended for suppliers. If you're a buyer, check out our help articles here.

This article covers:

How to E-Sign a contract in DeepStream

When you log into your DeepStream account, go to the Contracts hub and click on the received contract. There will be a red alert icon next to the Contract tab and the status will read Action required.

In the exchange window you have the option to Suggest edits or jump straight to Accept & assign signers. If you choose to Accept and assign signers click the drop down arrow next to Signers and select which members of your team you want to sign. Then simply click Send for signing.

✏️ Please Note: There is no limit on the amount of signers you can have.

Or if you want to suggest edits simply upload a document and click Submit.

Once the signer (or yourself as the signer) has the indication to respond, you can click on the blue Respond button. This will take you to Verified where you review and sign the document. When you click continue you will be redirected back to DeepStream and into the previous exchange window with the status updated to Waiting for counterparty.

✏️ Please Note: Verified is covered by EU and US regulations including the comprehensive EIDAS compliance standards ensuring the legal validity of the documents.

Once the document has been countersigned by the buyer the status will change to Signed with a green tick.

You will now be able to download the completed and signed document from the right-hand side of the exchange window.

Looking at the downloaded contract in PDF, once you scroll down you will see all verified information including the electronic signatures, the names of who’s signed and the time & date. All verifying the legal validation of the new contract with your buyer.

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