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✨ Release 145 ✨

Release date: 29th of May 2024

Written by DeepStream Support
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Release 145 is all about making your life just that little bit easier we've made it even easier for you to reenable responses for your requests and have added section descriptions for requests and contracts.

Check it all out below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

📄 New Feature: Section Descriptions for Requests, Templates, and Contracts

You can now add an optional "Description" field for every section type in Requests, Templates, and Contracts.

  • Detailed Instructions: Provide detailed guidance to your suppliers.

  • No Length Limit: Descriptions can be as long as needed.

  • Seamless Updates: Add descriptions to your existing templates or requests during revisions.

This feature will enhance the clarity and communication between you and your suppliers.

↪️ Improvements to “reenable responses” for requests

You can now find the “Reenable responses” button next to the status, making it easier to reenable closed exchanges.

  • Flexible Response Duration: Choose how long responses should be enabled with two options:

  • Until Status is Complete: Responses will be accepted until the status changes to "Complete."

  • Until Next Deadline Passes: Responses will be accepted until the next deadline passes. If no deadline is set, the exchange remains open indefinitely.

  • Manual Control: Once responses are reenabled, you can manually disable them again at any time.

  • Clear Activity Tracking: New activity events in the “Activity & Comments” section show when an exchange is reenabled and under what conditions it will be disabled.

These improvements offer you greater control and transparency in managing responses for your exchanges.

🐛 Bug fixes and small improvements

  • The “Back” icon button is now visible and not clipped in the header of the buyer-side auction Chat popup.

  • Resolved an issue that could cause exchange rates to not get stored and be missing.

  • Fixed an error that could occur with the collaborator company on the “Team” page of a live request.

  • Corrected the “Required” error message for the “Company” field in the invite flow.

  • Ensured the correct “Required” error message for the “Template name” field when creating a new templates

  • Enhanced the styling of errors on the dashboard page when dashboard data cannot be fetched.

  • Removed the panel at the bottom of the exchange that clarifies why it is disabled.

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