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📅 Release 144 📅

Release date: 9th of May 2024

Written by DeepStream Support
Updated over a week ago

This week's release may look small, but it is mighty 💪

We've not only extended the different ways that you can set up your start and expiry dates within your contracts but we've also released our brand new integrations marketplace!

All the details are below - check it out ⬇️⬇️⬇️

🔌 Integrations marketplace

  • To find our marketplace - head to the company settings via the navigation bar

  • From here you can explore our list of potential integrations tailored to enhance your workflow.

  • Simple select one or more integrations that interest you and...

  • ... seamlessly book a call with our Customer Success team to get the build started!

📆 Extended Start & Expiry date configurations

You can now choose from additional settings for their start and expiry notifications.

Start Date Settings:

  • On Signature: Set the start date to begin immediately upon signature.

  • Time-Based: Configure the start date to begin a specific number of days after the signature (e.g., 7 days after signature).

Expiry Date Settings:

  • Time-Based: Configure the expiry date to begin a specific number of days after the start date (e.g., 30 days after the start date).

The existing settings for Exact Date and No Expiry Date remain available.

✨ Small but powerful improvements

As usual we have our little tweaks delivered to make your experience as smooth as possible.

  • Fixed a regression that could cause the request comparison tab to be blank instead of displaying content.

  • Ensured that cells for line item fields such as formulas and lead time are always displayed correctly in the comparison view table.

  • Fixed the issue to ensure that header cells for line item fields in the comparison view always display and scroll correctly.

  • Stopped buyer-provided fields from being frozen in the line items comparison view, ensuring other fields are not obscured for requests with numerous buyer-provided fields.

  • Fixed an issue preventing in-app notifications from being sent when the message size was too large.

  • Ensured that total values in the auction line items table on the buyer side of a request appear to the configured number of decimal places.

  • Fixed clipping issues for product and service tag values in the comparison view cells.

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