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📊 Release 143 📊

Release date: 25th of April 2024

Written by Cristiona
Updated over a week ago

The stars of the show this week are our brand new spend & saving dashboards. You'll get insights into your budget, RFx value and all the savings your negotiating for your business.

We also would like to use this space for a PSA -

Make sure you're running the newest version of DeepStream to ensure the most optimised experience - simply refresh the page to load the latest version 📣

You know the drill - all the release details are below ⬇️

📈 New Spend & Savings Dashboards

We're excited to unveil three brand-new dashboards in our reporting module that will give you a more comprehensive view of:

  • Budget

  • Value

  • Savings Data

Everyone will be able to access the new reporting page, but the level of detail you'll see depends on your user profile:

  • Super Users have a bird's-eye view of company-wide data.

  • Full Users can see only the data related to their specific requests.

To make it easier to work with the data, we've introduced new configuration controls that allow you to count and segment information in different ways:

  • Count Date: You can choose which date is used for counting: "request creation," "award," or "final deadline."

  • Time Interval: You can decide how the data is segmented over time, with options for "day," "week," "month," "quarter," or "year."

Data within each dashboard will vary but contain the following:

  • Key Metrics: Get an at-a-glance view of critical values, covering both the current and previous time intervals, as well as all-time metrics.

  • Circular Charts: These charts break down the proportion of requests, segmented by status and by whether the values are confirmed or unconfirmed.

  • Scatter Charts: Visualize data over time with scatter plots. You can select the time interval that suits you best—day, week, month, quarter, or year.

  • Detailed Tables: Need to dig deeper? Our tables offer all the underlying data that drive the charts and metrics, letting you explore every detail.

On top of this we have updated the general dashboard within the app to show modules for top-line metrics and a savings chart from these newly updated dashboards.

💪 Small but powerful improvements

We've addressed a number of smaller issues to make your experience smoother and more reliable. Here's a summary of the latest bug fixes:

  • Decimal Precision in CSV Downloads: Line item CSV downloads now display the correct number of decimal places, ensuring accurate pricing.

  • Comparison View Fixes:

    • Line item cells for formulas and lead times now always display correctly in the comparison view table.

    • Header cells for line item fields are consistently displayed, reducing confusion in the comparison view.

  • Buyer-Provided Fields: In the line items comparison view, we’ve stopped buyer-provided fields from freezing, ensuring other fields remain visible, even for requests with many buyer-provided fields.

  • Notification Issue: We've fixed an issue that could prevent in-app notifications from being sent when the message size was too large.

  • Exchange Rate Loading: An issue causing the app to fail in loading exchange rates has been resolved.

  • Contract Import Modal: Exchanges marked as obsolete are now hidden from the contract import modal, decluttering the view.

  • Aligned Question Grids: All responses in the question grid component are now left-aligned, improving readability for price and short answer question types.

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