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🚀 Release 142 🚀

Release date: 11th of April 2024

Written by DeepStream Support
Updated over a week ago

We are fast, and this next release comes only 9 days after release 141 because we've just got so many cool new features we want to give you to ensure you can run the most streamlined procurement processes possible!

This release we not only launched our NEW internal supplier network but also you can now include even more spend data within your award request flow 💸

All the details below - check it out ⬇️

🏆 Adjustments to Award Request flow to include Spend data

We've enhanced the Award Request process to improve how Spend data is integrated and recorded in every request that includes a budget. Here’s what’s new:

  • Spend and Savings Status: When submitting a request, you will now see a new step indicating whether "Spend and savings" is enabled or disabled.

  • Three new steps for better spend data:

    • Confirm Budget: You will now need to confirm whether a request has a budgeted value. If it does, you must enter that value.

    • Confirm Value: In this step, you can confirm the calculated request value. If the system can't automatically calculate the value (for example, due to missing line items), we will give you a prompt to explain why and enter a manually calculated value if possible. This step also accommodates requests with a calculated value of zero, requiring confirmation or to adjust the value as needed.

    • Confirm Savings: Here, you can confirm if savings can be derived from the request. If so, choose a method to calculate the savings and ensure the derived amount is accurate, or you can enter a manually calculated savings value. If savings cannot be derived, you can now input a reason for this.

❇️ NEW internal supplier network

We're thrilled to introduce the new "Internal Supplier Network" view, designed to help you manage supplier information more easily. Here's what's new for you:

  • All Your Suppliers in One Place: This new view lets you see all the suppliers that have been sent a pre-qualification questionnaire, regardless of their current status. Now, you can easily track the qualification process without missing anyone.

  • Alphabetical Ordering: Suppliers are listed alphabetically, so you don't have to scroll through long lists to find the one you're looking for.

  • Quick Questionnaire Access: You can view all the questionnaires you've sent out, along with high-level data, from this page. If you need more details, just click on a questionnaire to dive deeper.

  • Activity Tab Shortcut: From this view, you can go straight to the Activity tab to get detailed information on supplier interactions and ongoing processes.

Right now, you can use search functionality to find suppliers quickly. We'll be adding more tools to help you organise and manage your suppliers in the future, so stay tuned for more updates!

💪 Small but powerful improvements

We've implemented several bug fixes and small improvements to enhance your experience. Here's what's new:

  • Pre-Qualification Table: We've updated the Activity Tab to include the expiry date in the pre-qualification table, so you can track important deadlines more easily.

  • Comparison View Fixes: The line item fields for formulas and lead times are now displayed correctly in the comparison view table. The header now shows all field names, and buyer-provided fields no longer crowd out supplier-added fields.

  • Exchange Unlock Fix: Newly-added exchanges on revision are now automatically unlocked if the unlock criteria have already been met, such as when a stage deadline has passed.

  • Request Name Spaces: Excess spaces at the start and end of request names are trimmed, ensuring that search, sorting, and filtering work as expected.

  • New Version Notification: You'll now see a notification when a new version of DeepStream is available, reminding you to refresh for the latest features and bug fixes.

  • Obsolete Exchanges Hidden: Exchanges marked obsolete are hidden from the contract import modal, reducing clutter.

  • Pre-Qual Category Fixes: We've fixed errors related to pre-qual categories, including a "category not found" error and redirect issues after creating a new category.

  • Translation Updates: Missing translation text is now included in the audit trail for improved accuracy and consistency.

  • Customer Support Emails: Automated Customer Support emails are now sent from Anika, ensuring you receive important information reliably.

  • Supplier Information Panel Fix: The information panel suppliers see after confirming they will proceed to the next stage of a request is no longer blank.

  • Company Data Update: Data is now up-to-date when switching between companies and navigating to a request, reducing confusion and errors.

  • Left-Aligned Question Types: Across the platform (Pre-qual & RFx), all question types are now left-aligned for a consistent look and feel.

These improvements should make your experience smoother and more reliable. Let us know if you encounter any other issues, and we'll continue to improve the platform.

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