🌷 Release 141 🌷

Release date: 2nd of April 2024

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Just like spring is all about new beginnings, we’re rolling out another shiny new release to spruce up the platform - a big part of this is a refresh to our Pre-qualification Hub ✨

Let’s dive into what’s new and cool this month!

🌟 All new Pre-Qualification Hub

Dive into a more intuitive Pre-Qualification Hub! We've streamlined navigation with two new tabs, ensuring you are able find what you need effortlessly.

  • Questions Tab: Easily create and access all your questions, that you can neatly organise into categories for your convenience.

  • Questionnaires Tab: Big improvements here! We've divided this section into three clear categories: Active, Draft, and Received, making your questionnaire handling smooth and straightforward. Whether you're ready to send, drafting, or reviewing received questionnaires, everything's a breeze. 🍃

💰 Introducing the 'Spend' Tab

Gain unparalleled insight into your financials with our new 'Spend' tab!

  • You're now able to track your budget, final value, and total savings per request.

  • For each section, you are now able to provide a confirmed value and choose from different configuration options to define Value and Savings in your own way for each request.

  • This new feature is available for all requests and templates, both new and existing. It will be available in Draft and Live request states, though content and actions will vary based on the status.

This update will enable you to get better visibility and accuracy on spend and savings data using the platform but isn't all - keep an eye out for further updates to our reporting functionality coming soon 👀

💪 Small but powerful improvements

Pre-qualification Hub

  • Update font formatting in the questions section

  • Fix to update completion % so it never becomes negative

Requests Hub

  • Executed a fix to ensure that supplier-added items which have a lock set to unlock at the stage deadline are actually unlocked once the stage deadline has passed

  • Fix to make sure that the bottom toolbar doesn’t hide content in draft requests

  • We've added "show/hide all" buttons to hidden fields dropdown in the request comparison view

  • Fix to ensure the user goes back to the previous page as expected when clicking “back” to exit a request accessed from a specific tag page

  • We've removed the search text when user clicks "Clear filters" button

  • We've fixed a bug causing the internal documents section to crash

Contracts Hub

  • We now render the contract name placeholder in team change in-app notifications


  • User settings: We've made an update to change the scrollbar styles for Windows users

  • Mobile navigation menu: We've added missing "Drive" and "Reporting" items

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