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🚦 Release 140 🚦

Release date: 14th of March 2024

Written by Cristiona
Updated over a week ago

Release 140 is here - only 10 away from 150 major releases - I wonder what we'll do to celebrate 🤔

This week we have lots of improvements across the platform for you. We're making it easier for you to see your savings in a helpful way, plus our Pre-Qualification Hub has added automated reminders to stop you needing to waste time chasing them for updates!

All the important details below 🔽

🚦Updated line item savings indicators

  • The color of the indicator text will change depending on whether the price went down (green), up (red), or stayed the same (grey) making it easy at a glance to see if you're heading in the right direction

📉 Configure how you view your savings

  • We've added a new control on the comparison view which allows savings to be shown as either

    • a percentage, % (e.g. ↓15% from Stage 1)


    • a whole amount (e.g. ↓ $5,000.00 from Stage 1)

🔔 Pre-qualification - Automatic default reminders

  • We'll now send automatic reminders to suppliers when they have an outstanding actions

  • Reminders will be sent if the following is true:

    • No response to a sent questionnaire (i.e. they haven't accepted or declined it)

    • A questionnaire is incomplete but they haven't taken any action in the previous 5 days

    • THey've completed your questionnaire but are yet to submit it

  • A reminder will be sent every five days until the outstanding actions are complete

🏗️ Pre-qualification - New supplier tab

  • We've added a new supplier tab on our questionnaire templates

  • You will now be able to see all the suppliers that have been sent each questionnaire along with some high level associate information

  • You will also be able to click into, view and manage individual supplier responses

➕ Simplified and improved "Add field" menu for line item sections

  • We've made it concise and easier for you to navigate this the 'add field' menu

✅ Improved the "Accept the document" exchange

  • You asked said it needed to be more explicit for supplier's accepting documents, we listened and have improved this exchange

  • From now on your suppliers will need to select an "Accept document" checkbox in order to complete this document exchange

💪 Small but powerful improvements

  • The duplicated text has been removed from the collaborator confirmation popup

  • We've added in a fix for an issue which caused "withdrawn" requests to be inaccessible for super users where there are no super users already on the request team

  • Fix to ensure that searches for specific suppliers return results as expected

  • We've ensured the arrow in the exchange popup that allows you to scroll to the bottom disappears consistently

  • We've made sure that the field reference dropdown is not cutoff for line item formula fields

  • Fix to show suppliers a check icon rather than a red exclamation icon where the action count is 0 for their bid

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