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💍 Release 139 💍

Release date: 29th of February 2024

Written by DeepStream Support
Updated over a week ago

We're making use of the leap year and squeezing one final release into February.

The star of the show this week is our new capability that will allow you to request multiple responses per line item (think "best and final" offers). But, of course that's not all.

All the details are below - you know what to do 👀

📉 Multi-stage line item responses

  • You can now configure line item sections to request specific pricing at different stages of a request. For example, you can ask for an "Initial price" at Stage 1 and "Best and final offers" at Stage 2.

  • Suppliers will be prompted to submit a price for each selected stage of the request. Once submitted, prices cannot be changed for earlier stages, ensuring transparency and fairness.

  • Easily track changes with indicators displayed on the exchange popup and in the comparison view. These indicators show the percentage difference between the supplier's current-stage price and the previous-stage price.

  • We've expanded the comparison view to include filtering options by stage. Now, you can efficiently review responses for each stage, enhancing your decision-making process.

  • Exporting data? No problem! CSV exports now include different stage values, providing comprehensive insights into your procurement process.

🔎 Improved request search relevance

  • We've improved our request search functionality even more.

  • More relevant requests will be ranked higher in the results, making it quicker for you to find what you're looking for.

  • Less relevant results will be appropriately ranked lower or even removed from the search results altogether, saving you time and effort.

🔀 Improved request sorting

  • We've improved and extended the interface for sorting on requests.

  • For clarity, we've split the sort criteria and direction into separate fields.

  • But don't worry, all existing criteria is still available and we've aded 2 additional fields:

    • “Request name”

    • “Automated reference”

🐸 Instructions to complete

  • We'ved added a new instructions to complete panel on top of the questions section

  • You can now give your suppliers even more direction on how to respond to your questionnaires removing the dreaded back and forth of avoidable clarifications.

✏️ Enable flexible responses for “Unit” and “Quantity” fields

  • You can now configure the default "Unit" and "Quantity" fields to enable various types of responses. Whether you need suppliers to submit a response or simply confirm a value they provide, this feature gives you the flexibility to tailor your requests accordingly.

  • Rest assured, this feature will be available for both new and existing requests. You can seamlessly integrate the enhanced configuration into your ongoing procurement activities without any disruption.

  • All existing configuration options for other fields remain available, ensuring that you have full control over your request settings.

💬 Commenting post-deadline for all Request exchanges

  • Comments will now be allowed in the exchange popup even after the deadline has passed to enable further discussion and clarification.

  • Additionally these comments will now be available on Requests for all exchange types.

  • These types of comment will now always send an email notification to all team members as soon as they are posted, to ensure you get a quick response.

🌟 Small but powerful improvements (and fixes!)

Pre-qualification Hub

  • We've updateed the in-app expiry notifications so they send 30 days rather than 14 days

  • We've added a new buyer side in-app expiry notification that sends 30 days before the document expires

  • We've included a fix for the decimal point on the completion percentage on the Activity Tab.

Requests Hub

  • We've improved the “Add field” menu in line items sections on Requests to make it more compact and concise, so it’s easier to find and add fields as you build out requests.

    • It will also better highlight the availability of the linked fields feature with a new and improved submenu to list all fields available to be added from other sections.

  • We've removed the currency symbols from values in CSV reports available from the Line items comparison view to enable better import into spreadsheet applications. The currency will now be shown in a separate column.

  • We've added in a fix to ensure the quick request switch functionality works as expected

  • There's also a fix to improve alignment of the “Undo” and “Mark as resolved” buttons in exchange popups.

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