Legacy Contracts

This article provides detailed insights into legacy contracts and how to upload them

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This article is intended for buyers. If you're a supplier, check out our supplier help articles here.

This article will cover:

What is a Legacy Contract?

Legacy Contracts allow users to store contract data in the system for all contracts negotiated prior to using DeepStream contracts.

Legacy contracts allow you to:

  • Store all your contracts in one place.

  • Have a complete picture in reporting of all the contracts you hold (and the value of them).

  • Set reminders for your older contracts ensuring you don’t miss any key dates.

  • Manage any further amendments to your older contracts within the system.

How to upload a Legacy Contract

  1. Click onto Contracts in the Navigation bar.

  2. Select + New Contract.

  3. Click Upload legacy contracts, this will allow you to upload templates in CSV or XLSX format.

  4. Please then fill in the sheet as per the validation rules below.

  5. Once you are ready you can upload your csv file.

Legacy contract bulk upload validation rules

The bulk upload rules for Legacy Contracts are as follows:

  • Ensure there are no excess headers or columns in your file

  • Ensure there are no excess line breaks in your file

  • You should create a new row for every contract you wish to upload

  • You cannot upload the file in XLSX, you can only upload in CSV format






The name of your contract.


Contract #1234

Please Note: Line breaks are not supported.



Any key details related to your contract.


This contract is related to project excavation and is with the lead consulting firm Consultants Ltd.

Start date


The start date of your contract.

Please provide in dd/mm/yyyy format.

Example: 05/05/2022

Expiry date


The expiry date of your contract.

Please provide in dd/mm/yyyy format.

Example: 05/05/2025

If there is no expiry date leave blank.

Contract currency


The currency your contract is in.

Please use a valid 3-digit ISO code.



Contract value


The value of your contract.



Counterparty (linked)

Conditional - you must complete this field or Counterparty (unlinked)

The user id of the counterparty you wish to link this contract to.

Counterparty (unlinked)

Conditional - you must complete this field or Counterparty (unlinked)

The name of your counterparty as you want it to appear in the system.

Please Note: Line breaks are not supported and will be automatically removed.

Additional reference number


An internal reference that's important to capture.



Contract owner


The person who owns this contract.

Please use the email address that they signed up to the DeepStream platform with.

The user must have a ‘super user’ or ‘full user’ profile and be in the system before the contract is uploaded.

✏️ Please Note: If you have any errors these will be highlighted with a red alert. Any contracts with errors won’t be uploaded.

For any further queries, please use our live chat function or email: support@deepstreamtech.com

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