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💕 Release 138 💕

Release date: 15th of February 2024

Written by DeepStream Support
Updated over a week ago

💖 Love is in the air! 💖

Welcome to our latest release notes, just in time for Valentine's week! To celebrate the season of love we've included an exciting new feature in release 138.0: a new activity tab on your supplier's profile pages.

Of course that's not all: we've released new requests filters and you can also now give your pre-qualification questionnaires expiry dates.

All the details and more below - you know what to do ⬇️⬇️⬇️

🎭 New Activity Tab

  • There's a brand new activity tab on all supplier's profiles

  • You will now be able to select a supplier profile and see all the questionnaires, requests and contracts you've sent to them. Literally - all the work you have going together in one place 🤯

  • From here you'll be able to click into the individual pieces of work - no more having to search in each module to find what you're looking for 🔎

🕓 New “Active stage” and “Final deadline” Request filters

  • We've added 2 new Request filters to enable you to find your requests according to timeframe

    • “Active stage” allows you to choose a stage and a logic operator to show certain requests, for instance "Active stage is at before stage 2".

    • “Final deadline” allows you to choose a specific date and logic operator to show certain requests, for instance “Final deadline is before [date]”.

  • These filters join existing ones to make request filtering even more powerful 💪🏼

🔄 Pre-qualification Questionnaire Recurrence

  • You are now be able to set an expiry date against your questionnaires.

  • This means you can now automate the process of ensuring your supplier's information is always up to date.

  • When setting up your questionnaire simply add renewal settings.

  • You can decide how often they will have to re-submit their questionnaire e.g. require re-submission every 2 days / months / years! 📆

  • 30days before the questionnaire expires you'll both get an email letting you know the questionnaire is due to expire...

  • ... and on expiry, the questionnaire will go back in progress and your supplier will have you review and re-submit for your re-approval ✅

🌟 Updated grid component for Questions sections on request

  • We've created a more consistent, unified experience across the platform and between different contexts (read only, edit, review & send, details)

  • This will deliver you a better experience with frozen columns and header cells, and be responsive even when handling larger amounts of data

  • The way you edit your questions has not changed!

💅🏼 Small but powerful improvements

Requests Hub

  • Fix to avoid a missing template name on the template preview page

  • Fix to ensure the “award request” popup does not close unexpectedly before the flow has finished

  • Update to ensure contract date logic for start dates and expiry dates works as expected.

Contracts Hub

  • Update contract table, removing the open button and replacing it so that the detail can be opened by clicking anywhere on the row

Pre-qualification Hub

  • Fix to make sure category name changes in the header when an edit has been made

  • Update the pre-qualification tables, removing the open button and replacing it so that the detail can be opened by clicking anywhere on the row

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