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Understand How Pre-Qualification Works as a Supplier
Understand How Pre-Qualification Works as a Supplier

Learn how to navigate the Pre-Qualification process for buyers, respond to questionnaires, and secure approval.

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This article is intended for suppliers. If you're a buyer, check out our buyer help articles here.

This article will cover:

What is Pre-Qualification

Pre-qualification is the process of evaluating the suitability and eligibility of your company as a potential supplier or contractor for DeepStreams buyers.

This assessment typically focuses on factors such as financial stability, experience, technical expertise, and legal compliance. It aims to identify whether as a supplier your company has the basic qualifications to meet the buyer's needs.

DeepStream buyers will invite you to fill out questionnaires to determine whether you fit their requirements. If successful, you will be added to the buyers approved supplier lists and invited to participate in RFI, RFP and RFQs.

Receiving the Questionnaire

When a buyer sends you a Pre-Qualification questionnaire you will receive an In-app notification and email in your inbox.

To see all your received questionnaires, follow these steps:

  1. Log into DeepStream.

  2. Click on the Pre-Qualification tab in the top navigation

  3. There you will see all Questionnaires you’ve received.

Accepting or Declining

Upon receiving a questionnaire, you'll need to decide whether to accept or decline it. Questions will be locked and unable to be answered until you accept.


  1. If you are ready to proceed, Click Accept.

  2. This will unlock the questions.

  3. Click on each question, answer it and click Submit response.

  4. Once you have answered all questions click the Submit button in the right hand corner.

  5. The questionnaire will now be sent to the Buyers for review, the status at the top of the page will read ‘Pending Review’.


  1. If you do not wish to proceed, Click Decline.

  2. All questions will remain locked, and the questionnaire will move to a ‘Declined’ status.

Responding to a Questionnaire

After completing the questionnaire, you must make sure you click the Submit button before it goes to the buyer for review.

The buyer then has 3 options:

  • Approve

  • Reject

  • Ask for more information

If they provide feedback or request additional information, you will be notified through in-app and email alerts.

Upon approval, your company joins the Pre-qualification supplier panel in the Network tab, signalling to the buyer that you've completed and passed the questionnaire.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders will be sent to suppliers when you have an outstanding action. These reminders will be sent every five days until the task has been completed.

Outstanding actions include:

  • No response (accept or decline) to a sent questionnaire

  • A questionnaire is incomplete with no recent actions taken against it

  • A complete but un-submitted questionnaire

For further queries, please use our live chat feature or email

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