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Release 137

Release date: 1st of February 2024

Written by Cristiona
Updated over a week ago

It's only the 1st of Feb and we are already on the second release of the year. And we think you'll agree it's a pretty exciting one - from now on you'll be able to add your approved suppliers to your requests.

No spoilers here - check out the details below 漎儭漎儭漎儭

儭 Add Pre-Q approved suppliers to Requests

  • You can now add approved suppliers to your requests from within the supplier tab

  • Simply click on the new 'pre-qualification' button and from there a window will pop-up showing you all the suppliers you've sent questionnaires too

  • Filter this view by questionnaire(s) and then use the checkboxes to select and add them to your requests - simple!

Improved request filters

  • We create a more concise and detailed interface - to better support your more complex filtering needs

  • Current filters include: User, Tag, Status and (new) Supplier.

  • Search is also available for filter options for User, Supplier and Tag - simply type a query to quickly find the filter you need.

Added Request value step to award request flow

  • The Award request flow will now include an additional step to help you consider your request value.

  • We'll now show you the calculated request value

  • From here you can tell us whether we are accurate or not.

  • The value will be the combined Bid total for all awarded suppliers, calculated from the Total cost across all line item sections.

  • If you tell us we haven't got it quite right then we'll ask you some quick follow-up questions to help us understand why so we can improve.

  • Plus, you'll be able to add the actual value yourself so you have the right data stored in the system.

∴ Section configuration improvements

  • The section configuration has moved to its own dedicated subsection

  • The section header will now show indicators in read-only mode, and in edit mode when contracted

  • In edit more, you'll be able to expand the to both view and edit the configuration.

Small but powerful improvements

Pre-qualification Hub

  • We've updated the expiry date reminder from 14 to 30 days you you're suppliers will have more time to get their ducks in a row

  • We've also added an expiry date reminder email, so that all buyers are kept up to date on their suppliers' documents

  • We've made it so you can send revisions from the main pre-qualification table AND from an individual template

  • You'll now see your questionnaire being sent in real-time and we'll send you a confirmation mail when we're done

  • When your supplier's make changes to their questionnaires you'll now be able to filter the view to only see the answers they've updated

Requests Hub

  • We've made a fix to ensure that requests do not show errors where sender companies are inadvertently added as suppliers.

  • We've also fixed disabled fields in the Add field menu so they are not too faded out, ensuring you'll be able to read them easily

  • There's a fix to ensure the content for the email address list tooltip in onboarding is correct and does not included HTML

  • In this release we've made sure that auction reminder emails do not contain Undefined labels within time values.

  • We're tying up loose ends, so we've added a fix to ensure Draft requests to not appear in the Status filter for the Sent requests table (as they should only appear in the Drafts tab)

  • From now on, all the status filters selected will be correct and won't reset every time a user loads the page.

  • We've fixed the logic to limit an auction length (to 1 year, in minutes) to avoid possibility of request deadlines showing infinity

  • Fix to ensure the Download files popup does not include blank checkboxes (for evaluation pages)

Contracts Hub

  • We'll now send you an email when your supplier uploads a signed contract

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