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🎆 Release 136 🎆

Release date: 18th of January 2024

Written by Cristiona
Updated over a week ago

It's the first release of 2024 and new year, same us because we're kicking things off with a jam-packed Jan release.

As usual we're continuing to add the coolest new features to our RFx Hub such as adding a new "Deadline passed" status and a new tab to store all your draft requests.

But that's not all - quickly after launching our new module the Pre-qualification Hub, we've already added some great new features that allow our buyers to make edits where they need and ensure suppliers can update their responses without having to as permission!

Check out all the details below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Request Hub

🕓 New "Deadlines Passed" Request Status

We've added a brand-new request status called "Deadlines passed." This status will be specifically used for requests where ALL stage deadlines have passed.

  • The "Deadlines passed" status will immediately replace the previous "Live" status for all existing requests that fall into this category.

  • This new status will provide clear and concise information, helping you to distinguish requests where the stage workflow is complete, and action needs to be taken. You can now easily identify requests that require an extension or need to be awarded/closed.

  • The "Deadlines passed" status will be visible and available in all the places where statuses exist, including table filters.

✏️ New "Drafts" Tab

  • We’ve added a separate "Drafts" tab for better organization (previously was mixed in with all sent requests)

  • Applies to both new and existing drafts.

  • Draft requests will automatically move to the "Sent" tab when issued.

⚖️ Request evaluation improvements: auto advance

  • You can now auto-advance through evaluation modals in both directions of the grid (by supplier - left to right, or by exchange (top to bottom)

🏋️ Small but powerful improvements

  • Fix for the “Description” cell in the comparison view to ensure that text is never cut off incorrectly regardless of different row heights

  • The component that indicate steps in a flow have been updated to give you a consistent user experience - his affects the following:

    • invite flow

    • stage approvals

    • request award

    • user role downgrade

    • user company removal.

  • We’ve made a fix to ensure public company pages show the correct product and service tags and not legacy ones.

  • We’ve also fixed a broken knowledge base link in the “Products and services” panel on public company pages.

  • We’ve made some improvement to tooltips to ensure you have a consistent user experience, including how tooltips show, are hidden, their sizing, placement and truncation.

  • Fix to help make it less likely for draft requests to break while they are being edited concurrently

  • The “Last updated” value in the bulletins table is now an absolute date/time (e.g. 19 Dec 2023 11:45 AM GMT) rather than a relative value (e.g. 22h ago)

Pre-qualification Hub

📝 Questionnaire revisions

You now have the flexibility to make changes to your questionnaires effortlessly. Here's what you can do:

  • You can now edit your questionnaires, adding, removing, or re-ordering questions as needed.

  • Similar to requests and contracts, you can stage your changes before finalizing them.

  • Every time you publish your changes, a new version of the questionnaire will be created.

  • When you publish changes, you'll have the option to update any previously sent questionnaires or save the new version separately.

📝 Update questionnaire name and description

  • You can now edit your questionnaire template name or description at any time by

    • Going to their questionnaire template

    • Heading to the summary tab

    • Clicking the edit button on the details panel

  • This won’t happen as part of a revision and doesn’t create a new questionnaire version

  • Any suppliers who have received the template as a sent questionnaire will get an in-app notification when you make a change to the name.

📝 Question revisions

  • You can now revise questions as needed to keep them up-to-date

  • Rest assured, revising a question won't immediately affect sent questionnaires.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Supplier questionnaire updates

  • Your suppliers can now trigger and update to their questionnaires

  • This means they can proactively manage their responses when something has changed

  • When making a change this will move their questionnaire back to “in progress” then they can update and re-submit. All you need to do is re-approve them!

💅 Small but powerful improvements

  • We’ve fixed a small issue where currently, all the pre-qualification pages have no margins on small screens

  • And we’ve fixed a bug that meant you weren’t able to add a new category after clicking the ‘edit’ category flow

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