🎁 Release 135 🎁

Release date: 18th of December 2023

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'Tis the season for joy and upgrades! Our final 2023 release is a holiday treat you won't want to miss.

In this update, we've fine-tuned the request table, our evaluation functionality has been enhanced, and we're now enforcing expiry dates within the new Pre-Qualification Hub. However, the spotlight shines on our latest addition: the all-new search bar!

Get excited and check out all the details below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

🔍 Search for requests by name

Brand new search bar at the top of all Requests table.

  • You can enter your search term to filter requests by name.

  • Remember, the search bar will consider active filters, ensuring results match both your search query and your selected filters.

⚡ Enhanced Request Table Experience!

We've spruced up the request table to make your workflow smoother:

New Attributes have been added so rows on live requests

  • Active Stage: Displays the current active stage's number and name.

  • Current Deadline: Shows the time left before the deadline for the active stage.

Simplified Access

  • You can now click anywhere on a row to open a request—no more "Open" buttons!

  • This change also extends to your Contracts and Pre-qualification tables.

Fresh Look

  • Empty states in request tables have received a makeover with added illustrations, making navigation more intuitive.

⚖️ Enhanced Evaluation Experience!

We're excited to introduce a range of improvements to make your evaluation process smoother and more insightful:

Linked Response Column

  • In the Evaluation comparison view, a new "Linked response" column will display suppliers' responses to linked evaluation exchanges.

  • You can now easily compare responses side-by-side during evaluations.

Streamlined Editing:

  • When opening an evaluation popup from the comparison view with an incomplete response, the form now opens in edit mode for quick and easy scoring.

Enhanced Tooltip

  • Hover over any truncated cell value to view the full value without opening the popup, ensuring quicker access to complete information.

Improved Navigation

  • A new navigation and status bar appears when opening an evaluation popup from the comparison view.

  • Navigate seamlessly across the grid by supplier/column or by exchange/row.

  • You can track the completion status and the outstanding tasks required for completion.

Sort and Filter Options

  • Enjoy enhanced functionality with the ability to sort suppliers both by 'Grand total evaluation score' and name in the Evaluation comparison view.

  • Additionally, filter out suppliers marked as "Unsuccessful" with the new "Bid status" filter.

Visual Clarity

  • Supplier logos and names are now included in the evaluation popup within the buyer-side bid page.

  • Easily identify and focus on the currently selected supplier during evaluations.

💬 "Request Comment Posted" Email

Notification Details

  • This email notification is triggered when a user posts a comment (excluding clarifications and chat exchanges, as they already have email notifications).

Recipient Information

  • The email informs all users on either the sender or recipient side of the request about the posted message.

Comprehensive Message

  • The email contains essential details, including the message itself, along with a convenient link.

  • This link takes you directly to the platform, allowing you to read and respond to the message promptly.

📜 Document Expiry (Pre-qualification Hub)

Enforced Expiry Dates

  • The system will now actively enforce expiry dates provided within the document exchange, enhancing compliance and visibility.

Timely Reminders

  • Suppliers: Receive two reminders for document expiry:

    • Two weeks before expiry: Notification indicating impending document expiration.

    • On the day of expiry: Alert indicating the document has expired.

  • Buyers: Receive a single reminder on the day of expiry, notifying them of their supplier's expired document(s).

Automated questionnaire management

  • When a document expires, the questionnaire associated with the document will revert back to an "in progress" status.

  • Suppliers are prompted to upload an updated version and re-submit their questionnaire for approval.

💪 Small but powerful updates

Request Hub

  • Fix to ensure line item text fields wrap over multiple lines in the exchange pop up and are never truncated.

  • Fix to ensure that special characters are rendered correctly in emails, particularly the invite email.

  • Fix to ensure the suppliers page on live requests does not crash where the request features an auction but the user does not have access to the auction.

  • Stage approvals can now be created at any time, even before a stage’s deadline has passed.

  • “Field name” field has been removed from the “Edit field” popup for “Manufacturer” and “Part number” fields because it is non-configurable.

  • We've improved the message of the “Details” Request page for non-owners when it’s empty.

  • We've adjusted the message of the Auction tab in a draft request for team members without read access to ensure consistency with messages for Details pages.

  • We've changed the order of the Details - Auction - Evaluation tabs in draft requests because your feedback suggested this better mirrors your workflows.

Pre-qualification Hub

  • A new button has been added so you can now send your questionnaires from the sent questionnaires page

And with that our final release of 2023 has completed. Don't worry though, we'll continue beavering away and have another excited release ready for when you're back in the new year!

Happy holidays !

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