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🔢 Release 132 🔢

Release date: 6th of November 2023

Written by Cristiona
Updated over a week ago

This week's release is a game changer for our line items - we now can handle even more complex pricing scenarios which means YOU can handle even more complex pricing scenarios (without the risk of a getting a headache).

Check out our release notes below 👇👇👇 for more details and then get stuck in and try it out for yourself!

〰️ New custom Formula field for line items

Our new custom “Formula” field type will be a game-changer for modeling more complex pricing scenarios like you might in a spreadsheet.

  • This functionality will be available as part of drafting your requests

  • The configuration options will allow you to input the following

    • a field name

    • a formula (and within this you can include references to other fields and simple mathematical operators

    • a format which allows you to decide whether a price or number is outputted

  • The formula used can accept references to other price or number fields and will check for circular dependencies, which must be removed.

Get ready to level up your line items 🚀

🌐 Public requests page

A new “Public” requests page is now available, which shows all public requests which are currently live across all buyers on the platform.

  • All users can filter and sort to find requests and open the page for an individual public request directly to read more information (and decide if they want to bid!)

  • The page is available both within the platform (as a tab on the “Requests” page) and externally, via a public URL.

This NEW page will help ensure that suppliers can easily find public requests they are interested in participating in, enabling your business to run even more transparent, compliant and competitive RFx processes.

🏋️‍♀️ Small but powerful improvements

  • Scroll position in the comparison view is now maintained even when opening an exchange popup and submitting a reply.

  • Issue resolved: Dummy data no longer displays on the "Reporting" page for certain users.

  • Issue fixed: Errors no longer occur when opening a template for editing.

  • Navigation bar buttons have been adjusted to prevent clashes at lower widths.

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