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👻 Release 131 👻

Release date: 19th of October 2023

Written by Cristiona
Updated over a week ago

No tricks and ALL treats with this week's product release.

Our line item flexibility improvements are the star of the show but never fear we're working diligently behind the scenes on some B-I-G projects.

🌟 Introducing Even More Flexible Line Items!

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement that makes your line items even more versatile

  • Customizable Description: You now have the power to rename the Description field to something that suits your needs better.

  • Tailored Fields: For the default fields of Unit, Quantity, Price per unit, and Total cost, you can now customise your setup to match your requirements:

    • Delete Unwanted Fields - you can remove any of the aforementioned fields

    • Add Predefined Fields - want to reintroduce any of the removed fields later? No problem, we've introduced predefined fields so you can easily add them back in

Some things to note:

  • Where you remove the Total cost field any costs submitted in that section will not be included in higher-level totals, like the section total or bid total.

  • The Total cost formula will also be used to calculate Target total cost so long as it contains the Price per unit field.

💪 Small but powerful improvements:

  • Now, the button on the public request preview page matches the text on the live page.

  • User-Friendly Permissions: We've hidden the "Move to next stage" button for users who aren't request Owners, ensuring a clean user experience. No more unnecessary error messages!

  • Enhanced Security: Downloading file attachments is now exclusive to users with access to a contract page. Your data is in safe hands!

As always these improvements are based upon YOUR feedback. Our door is always open so please reach out if you have any ideas on how we can improve the platform to solve for your problems!

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