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🧮 Release 126 🧮

Release date: 8th of August 2023

Written by DeepStream Support
Updated over a week ago

Our personal favourite in this week's release - you can now adjust the decimal places on your line item pricing!

But don't worry, we haven't just delivered you that. Check out the article below for tons of exciting new updates:

Stage Approvals Revamp

We've given stage approvals a major upgrade to provide you with a smoother experience. Now, creating and responding to stage approvals is more straightforward and efficient.

  • Stage approvals will always be prominently displayed beneath the suppliers' table for easy access.

  • A newly designed 3-step flow simplifies the process of issuing and responding to approvals.

  • Users who create approvals can now self-assign as approvers too.

  • Improved indicators help you quickly understand the status of an approval.

  • You can cancel approval requests at any point before all responses are received.

  • Plus, you can now make multiple approval requests for any stage of the request.

🧮 Adjustable Decimal Places for Line Item Pricing

  • We've introduced a flexible configuration option for line item price fields, allowing you to adjust the number of decimal places to fit your needs.

  • You can easily change this setting via the "Edit field" configuration popup or in the header of the auction line items section.

  • While the default number of decimal places is 2, you can customize it up or down to suit your preferences, and it will be applied to all values entered from both the buyer and supplier sides.

🪄 General Exchange Improvements

We've made several enhancements to streamline your exchange experience:

  • Clear separation of "Status," "Buyer fields," and "Supplier fields" in the left-hand panel.

  • Improved status displays make it easy to see which fields are missing and the requirement's status.

  • Linked evaluation criteria now conveniently appear in the left-hand panel, making evaluation more accessible.

  • Adjustments to the bid progress tooltip ensure accurate status reflections.

📜 Document Exchange Improvements

Document exchange responses now match the functionality of Line items and Questions exchanges.

  • A single "Submit response" action with available options simplifies the process.

  • Editing and resubmitting existing responses is now hassle-free with the "Update response" action.

  • You can clear a response with the new "Clear response" action, replacing the previous "Undo" option.

  • Audit trail events accurately reflect these changes.

💥 Expanded View for Line Items Grid on Draft Requests

  • We've introduced an "Expand view" button for line items sections on draft requests, allowing the grid to occupy the full available width and height of your window.

  • This expanded view provides more space for drafting and editing line items, ensuring a focused experience.

  • Easily return to the regular view by clicking "Shrink view" or the "Cancel" or "Save" buttons.

🌟 Minor Improvements to Line Items Drafting

We've made editing even more convenient:

  • Added "Add line item" and "Add field" buttons directly to the grid in edit mode.

  • Simplified and reorganized other buttons, including a new "More actions" menu containing the "Upload from CSV" option.

📊 Additional User Permissions for "Reporting"

  • We've expanded user permissions for the "Reporting" page, granting access to "Requests" and "Contracts" tabs individually.

  • These permissions are available for users with any role except "Authorised stakeholder."

  • Users with the "Manage users" permission will have Reporting permissions automatically enabled.

🔔 New Reminder Tab

  • We've introduced a brand-new reminders tab within the Contracts Hub, where you can find all your reminders in one place, making it easier to stay organised.

  • Reminders can no longer be edited as part of a revision or amendment once they're out of the initial drafting state.

  • You can also view all of your milestones on the reminders tab.

🎇 Small but Powerful Improvements

  • We've resolved a bug related to the translation of the "Decline to bid" chat exchange name in different languages.

  • On contracts, we've made various user interface optimisations to enhance your overall user experience.

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