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🔍 Release 129 🔍

Release date: 21st of September 2023

Written by DeepStream Support
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We know it can be hard to find suppliers which is why we built you our Supplier Discovery module and thanks to all of your helpful feedback Supplier Discovery 2.0 has gone live in this release - check out below for more details.

🔍 Supplier Discovery 2.0

We're pleased to introduce Supplier Discovery 2.0, an upgrade based on your valuable feedback, aimed at improving your experience with our AI-powered Supplier Discovery module.

NEW Search History:

  • Your search records are now securely stored for 30 days.

  • Conveniently access your search history to revisit prior queries.

  • Effortlessly review both your input and the results provided by Supplier Discovery.

Indicative image of the search history as it appears in the platform

NEW Shareable results:

  • Share your search results seamlessly with other users.

  • Each search generates a unique URL for easy sharing.

  • Copy and paste the URL into your messages to share with colleagues or partners.

  • Recipients who open the link gain access to the same search results you discovered.

Please note that anyone with the URL will access both your search inputs and the results provided to you.

🖋️ Import auction line items to your contracts

  • Our exchange import functionality has been enhanced to seamlessly accommodate auction items within your contracts.

  • You now have the flexibility to select and import specific auction line items directly into your contract, allowing for greater customisation and control.

  • Please be aware that when dealing with linked line items that appear in both an RFP stage and an auction stage, you will be able to import only one version of these items into your contract.

  • Rest assured, the user interface you are familiar with will remain unchanged.

For more details on how to import your line items and documents click here.

✨ Enhancements and Fixes

This release has delivered several important enhancements and fixes to improve your experience with our platform:

  • Fixed an issue to ensure that request owners now reliably receive notifications when a draft stage approval is either accepted or rejected.

  • Modified the format of the "product and service tag" line item field to include the tag code uniformly. This change ensures its compatibility for bulk import operations.

  • Moved supplier response actions within the vessel pricing inclusions modal for consistency.

  • Rectified an issue to prevent the "product & service tag" line item field from appearing among supplier fields in the exchange modal.

  • Adjusted the wording of the new "Clear response" actions within the activity & comments panel of the exchange modal to enhance clarity and align with the new user experience.

  • Resolved an issue that could previously cause requests with linked evaluations to crash and become inaccessible after linked line items were edited.

  • Resolved an issue causing the chat modal to crash upon submission during creation.

These updates aim to enhance the functionality and reliability of our platform, ensuring a smoother user experience.

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