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Use Product & Services Tags to make sure buyers can find you
Use Product & Services Tags to make sure buyers can find you
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This article is intended for suppliers.

If you’re a buyer check out our help articles here.

This article aims to help readers understand what Product & Services Tags are, what they’re benefits are and how to interact with them.

This article will cover:

- What are Product & Services Tags -

The Product & Service Tags are the way in which you let other companies on the DeepStream Network know what products and services your company can offer. You can tag your product and services on your company profile page and they can be updated at any time. Product & Services Tags can be used to filter suppliers on the Network to help buyers find companies that they would like to engage with.

DeepStream uses UNSPSC codes to categorise our Product & Services Tags.

Please consult the UNSPSC website for more detailed FAQs around the standard itself.

Tags have a 4-level structure, with "parent" tags each containing a number of "child" tags.

Each tag has a

1. Description

2. 8-digit code - the code is formatted so that each 2 digits represent a level of the structure

The table below explains how this works:

- How have Product & Services Tags changed -

We’ve changed our Product & Service Tags to use UNSPSC codes for a more comprehensive selection of tags to suit a wide variety of companies.

The platform is currently in a migration phase while we encourage companies to select new tags.

Old tags are now read-only

Old tags will still be visible on your Profile but can no longer be edited. They will be replaced on your profile as soon as you've selected new tags.

Where old tags are visible to your team or other companies they will include a message to explain the ongoing migration.

Select new tags as soon as possible

Select new tags now to ensure your company profile remains up-to-date and can be found when other companies search the network.

Whenever you sign in you'll be guided through a simple 3-step process to update your tags, or you can update them at any time from your profile page.

Network filters use both old and new tags

While the migration is ongoing, the Network page shows filters for both "Old" and "New" tags.

This is to ensure that companies can be found through either type of tag while the migration is underway and tags are being gradually updated.

Bear in mind while updates are ongoing you may find certain filter options return fewer results than expected.

- How to interact with Product & Services Tags -

To browse Product & Service Tags you can hover over any parent tag and click the open button to show its children below.

You can continue to open parent tags until you're viewing the lowest-level tag type (commodity).

The parent tags you're viewing are shown at the top of the panel (in grey) and you can click the "<" button at top-left of a parent tag to go back to a higher level.

- How to search Product & Services Tags -

To search for Product & Services Tags, enter a term in the search field (such as "cement") and relevant results will be shown below as you type. You can browse search results and either open parent tags or select "+" commodity tags directly from the results using the relevant buttons.

You can also search using a specific 8-digit UNSPSC code if you know it.

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