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Keep Up to Date with Your Supplier Dashboard
Keep Up to Date with Your Supplier Dashboard

Learn how to navigate your DeepStream dashboard, what is it and what do you see.

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This article is intended for suppliers. If you're a buyer, check out our help articles here.

This article will cover:

What is the Dashboard

  • The Dashboard serves as a personalised space for users on the platform.

  • It provides a snapshot of recent Requests you've been added to.

  • Upon signing in, you will be automatically directed to your Dashboard, from where you can navigate to other platform sections.

What Do the Different Boxes on the Dashboard Do

There are 6 key parts to the Dashboard:

Recent Requests Section (Top Left):

  • Displays all recent Requests to which you've been invited as a Request Member.

  • Shows the Request name and status.

  • Access a Request by clicking on its name.

Recent Contracts Section (Top Middle):

  • Displays all recent Contracts which have been created by the buyer and you have been added to

  • Shows the Contract name and status.

  • Access a Contract by clicking on its name.

Reporting (Top Right, Bottom Left & Bottom Right):

  • Displays report overviews - available for buyers only

Unread Notification (Bottom Middle):

  • Shows the recent activity within your company on the platform.

  • Click 'see all' to view more notifications.

Navigating the Dashboard:

  • To return to your Dashboard from any platform section, click 'DeepStream' in the top left corner.

✏️ Please Note: Each user's Dashboard is unique, reflecting their specific activities and engagements on the platform.

For further queries, please use our live chat feature or email

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