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How to Set Up Your Account

Learn how to set your account up on DeepStream

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This article is intended for suppliers. If you’re a buyer check out our help articles here.

This article intends to help suppliers understand how to set up their company profile on DeepStream.

It will cover:

How to create an account on DeepStream

There are two ways in which you can create an account on DeepStream.

  1. You were invited to join DeepStream by a buyer on the platform

  2. An organic sign up

If you were invited by a buyer on DeepStream you should receive an invitation from the platform with a sign up link included in it.

Click on the link to open DeepStream and create an account using the email address you received the invitation to. Create your own password to log in with in the future.

If you have been invited to DeepStream but have not yet received an invitation, check that the invitation has not been put in spam or junk, and that the domain is whitelisted for your account. If you still cannot find the email, contact

To sign up organically (without an invitation from a buyer) go to and click Log in, and then Create an account. You will need to fill in the email address that you would like to be associated with your account.

Once you have created your own sign in details you will now need to join an existing company on DeepStream or create a new company profile.

How to create a company profile

To get started creating a new company profile, select create your company, and decide whether you want to be a buyer or a supplier (or both!). Once you’ve done that click continue to register your company on the Network.

Next you need to fill out the information fields;

  1. Company information,

  2. Registered information,

  3. Your personal information,

  4. Profile picture for your company.

Once this is completed, check the box confirming you are authorised to use DeepStream on your company's behalf, then click continue. After this you will then be asked to build your profile which involves:

  • Adding a company description that other companies on the Network can see.

  • Choosing the Products & Services Tags that most accurately describe your company's capabilities.

Top Tip : We recommend that you add your Product & Services Tags so that buyers can find you and add you to relevant requests.

Once completed, you’ll be able to come back at any time to edit your profile.

How to join an existing company

Search the name of the company you would like to join in the search bar, and select the relevant name. You will then need to enter your role at the company.

Once you have sent the request to join the company, the company administrator will receive an email notification that you have requested to join the company on DeepStream.

You will be able to see the email address of the administrator so that you can contact them to request they approve your request to join. If the contact is not available, or is no longer working at your company, please contact

How to invite team members to work with you

If you would like to invite team members from your company to join you on DeepStream and support you in responding to buyers' tenders, you can add them to DeepStream for free,

✏️ Please Note: As a supplier, it is best that all users are set to "Full users" in order to ensure your team members are able to effectively support you in responding to requests.

  1. To get started inviting new team members go to your Dashboard.

  2. Go to the Dropdown menu on the top right of the screen

  3. Click Manage Team, click on the button invite team members. This will take you to the Team management page.

  4. Under the Users tab, click add user.

  5. Enter the new user's first name, last name and the email address you would like the invite to be sent to.

  6. Then set the new user's permissions.

  7. To find out more about the different user types and permissions click here.

How to add team members to a Request

You will only be able to add your team members to a Request team once they have been invited to the platform.

  1. Once you have have sent your colleague an invitation to DeepStream.

  2. Open the Request that has been sent to you by the buyer.

  3. Select the Team tab.

  4. Click Add user, and select the colleague you would like to support you working on the request.

  5. Make sure that the users permissions are set to can edit to make sure they can edit the submission and respond to buyer's questions.

How to accept requests to join your company

If you receive a notification that someone has requested to join you on DeepStream, you can decide to accept or reject the request from the Team management page.

You can navigate to this from you Dashboard by clicking invite new users, or by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of your screen and selecting manage team.

  1. Click the Requests tab. You will see the user(s) who have requested to join the profile as well as their role in the company.

  2. Click either accept or reject.

  3. If you click accept, you will then need to set the user's permissions, read more about this here.

Once you have accepted them onto your company profile, you can add them to a request team as above.

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