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Keep track of everything using our Audit Trail
Keep track of everything using our Audit Trail

Learn about how you can track your activities on a Request using our Audit Trail

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This article is intended for buyers.

If you’re a supplier check out our supplier help articles here.

This article aims to help readers understand what our Audit Trail feature is, what it’s benefits are and how to interact with it.

This article will cover:

- What is the Audit Trail -

The Audit Trail feature tracks all the significant events, responses, communication and revisions on your Request once it is live. This means that at any time in your Request process (and after), a full Audit Trail report can be downloaded that details all actions taken.

It will log:

  • The person responsible for each action

  • The time the action was made

  • What the action was undertaken

It will not log:

  • Any comments made as part of internal team conversations in the Comments tab

The Audit Trail feature will help you ensure complete transparency in all of your RFxs and will help to protect you against any legal proceedings. Plus, automatically capturing all activities on a Request, there’s no need to spend lots of time and money manually capturing this if you’re ever formally audited. It also allows management to do internal audits on their Requests really simply.

✏️ Note: You can only download the .csv of the Audit Trail if you are the Request Owner or a Request Member and have the right permissions.

- How do I access and use the Audit Trail -

To access and download an Audit Trail, log in and go to the Request you want to see activity for.

At the top right hand corner of the screen, Click on audit from the dropdown menu.

Click download csv to download your audit trail for the Request in a csv file; you can import this file into whatever spreadsheet program you use (Excel, Google Sheets etc.).

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