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Build line items faster with these essential new features
Build line items faster with these essential new features

Copy and paste; Expanded view; Full CSV download; CSV import for all fields

Written by DeepStream Support
Updated over a week ago
A line items grid view showing multiple selected cells with the "More actions" menu open showing options to "Download CSV" and "Import from CSV"

We've made some essential improvements to ensure you can build requests with line items as quickly and efficiently as possible – find out more below.

We've got more features coming soon to help make line items more flexible and a better fit for your use cases, particularly for complex requests.

If there's anything in particular you're hoping to see, start a chat to let us know.

✂️ Cut, copy and paste

You can now use your usual keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy and paste content in the line items grid, just like you would in a spreadsheet!

You can use this to quickly and easily build out your requirements, and to move data to and from other apps like Excel and Google sheets.

If you paste a lot of data and there aren't enough rows, then DeepStream will even offer to add more rows for you automatically.

To cut or copy

  1. Select 1 or more cells in the grid.

  2. Use your usual keyboard shortcut to Cut or Copy.

    • Windows – "Ctrl + X" to Cut; "Ctrl + C" to Copy

    • Mac – "⌘ + X" to Cut; "⌘ + C" to Copy.

    • If prompted by your browser, you'll need to give DeepStream read access to your clipboard for this feature to work.

  3. You'll see a success message at top-right.

To paste

  1. Select a target 1 or more target cells to paste into.

  2. Use your usual keyboard shortcut to Paste.

    • On Windows this is "Ctrl + V" and on Mac it's "⌘ + V".

    • If prompted by your browser, you'll need to give DeepStream read access to your clipboard.

  3. If more rows are needed to ensure all your data is added to the grid, you'll see a popup to give you the option to add more rows automatically.

  4. You'll see success or error messages at top-right.

If you see errors when pasting, this generally means that a value is invalid for the field you're pasting into - for instance you cannot paste text into a number field. Where this happens, the affected values will be ignored.

👀 Expanded view

You can expand the grid view to fill the full height and width of the screen when you're editing. Useful for when you're dealing with a lot of line items and fields and can benefit from the extra space.

To use expanded view

  1. Click the Expand view button just above the grid – the view will fill all the available width and height of the window.

  2. Make the window larger to add more space as needed.

  3. You'll leave expanded view when you Save or Cancel the section, or click the Shrink view button at the top.

⬇️ Full CSV download

You can now generate and download a CSV containing all of the fields and content within your draft line items section.

You can use this to import data into other apps and systems, or edit the CSV separately and then import it back into DeepStream if desired.

To download a CSV

  1. Click More actions and choose Download CSV.

  2. The CSV will be generated and downloaded automatically.

Cells which are disabled in the grid will be included in the export with only their placeholder values, like "Supplier to provide" and "Formula result".

⬆️ CSV import for all fields

DeepStream now supports importing to all fields you've added to your line items section, including custom fields.

The CSV import flow also features an improved preview of the values you are importing with an expansive grid view, more configuration and clearly highlighted errors.

To import from CSV

Ensure you've added and configured all DeepStream fields to your line items section before you start your import, as you can't do this during an import yet.

  1. Click More actions and choose Import from CSV.

  2. Select a CSV file and choose Upload.

  3. Use the Preview to review and adjust your import.

    • Errors – Affected cells, rows, and columns will show a warning icon and be highlighted in orange. Values with errors will not be imported.

    • Map fields – Use this menu to adjust how CSV fields are mapped to fields in DeepStream. Ensure that the correct fields are mapped to avoid errors.

    • Exclude first row – Enable this if your CSV data has a header row

  4. Click Import to add your new line items.

    • They will be added to the bottom of any line items you've already added to the section.

Fields which are disabled in the grid will still appear in the preview, but you cannot import values to these fields.

Product & Service tags

Product & Service tags conform to the UNSPSC standard and have a special format in the grid to ensure they can be imported (or copied and pasted) correctly.

A value for a product and service tag consists of the tag number in square brackets, followed by the tag name. For example: [32111508] Solar diodes

Any value you import or paste into this field must include at least the tag ID within square brackets (for example [32111508]) or it will be ignored.

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