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What are Stage Approvals?

Stage approvals give request owners the ability to seek approval on decisions around issuing and progressing a request. Stage approvals can be used for multiple purposes.

For example:

• Approval to issue the draft request to selected suppliers

• Approval to reject a supplier

• Approval to advance a supplier to the next stage

• Approval to award the request to a supplier

All actions taken as part of the approval process are are captured within the audit trail

Please note: this mechanism does not enforce or automate any it just facilitates the ability to capture approval from other stakeholders

Where are Stage Approvals located?

In a live request, you can find the stage approvals section under the Suppliers tab:

In a draft request, you can find 'Approvals' alongside the comments tab

Within draft requests, please ensure you have selected or invited Suppliers to your request under the 'Suppliers' tab prior to opening 'Approvals'

Implementing Stage Approvals

To create a new Stage Approval, please click '+New Approval' which will open up pop up modal as in the below:

Use the drop down boxes to select Supplier(s) that you wish to be reviewed as part of this approval...

You then need to complete the 'description' field in order to give your approvers more detail on what you want them to look at. There is also the option to add an supporting documents to your approval.

The next step is to select which team member(s) you want to approve the request.

Please note: Super users are able to send approval requests but cannot be approvers unless they have been added to the request team.

Once you have selected your chosen approvers from the list, they will appear in the modal.

If you wish to remove any of the approvers, you can do so by selecting the X at the end of their name

You then have the opportunity to review your approval request before sending it out.

The next step is to submit the approval request which will trigger a notification to all approvers.

The approvers will be able to see:

  • A description of your request

  • The stage it relates to

  • The status of their approval

  • The suppliers it refers to

  • Who the approvers are

  • The status of the responses of all the approvers

Responding to Stage Approvals

To respond to an approval, click 'respond'. This will show you a details of the approval request in a pop-up modal:

You can then choose between 'approved' or 'rejected' and leave an optional comment.

Please note: You are able to update your response after it has been submitted.

After Stage Approval response has been received:

Once you have reviewed & submitted your response, the owner who requested the stage approval will be able to see the status of the approvers, with your response updated accordingly:

Please note: you are able to cancel approval requests, however you cannot undo any responses that have already been submitted

For any further queries, please email:

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