Release 106.0

⚠️ There'll now be a warning for paying companies when switching user roles

  • The user roles dropdown menu will be adjusted to show a warning that switching roles may affect billing.

  • The intention is to warn customers that adding more users with a Full User role may affect their billing.

  • This warning will only be shown:

    • Where the company in question is a paying company

    • When the profile is changing from Authorized Stakeholder to Full User

  • Click here to read more about the different types of user profiles available

🔓 Buyers can now unlock by Stage deadline

  • We are extending our locking configuration to support unlocking by Stage deadline as the default option.

  • When this option is chosen, unlocking will be based on the stage deadline, rather than the final deadline.

  • Buyers can still choose to unlock automatically or manually.

  • We will refresh the interface so the locking options are easier to understand.

  • Unlocking by final deadline will continue to be supported in existing Requests and Templates but will not be available for new Requests or Templates.

  • To find out more - click here.

❌ Buyers can now decline to bid on suppliers' behalf

  • Based upon our user feedback, we have built a new decline to bid option

  • This will be available in the more actions menu of the suppliers table.

  • This option will only be available where a supplier’s bid status is no response.

  • Buyers can use this option to indicate that a supplier is declining to bid - you will be required to give a reason.

  • This will be logged in the audit trail as usual, and suppliers can always choose to sign up and submit a bid later.

  • For more on how you can do this, click here.

📂 We have refreshed the Drive Section

  • We have made some minor improvements to refresh and update the interface of the document Drive section.

  • All existing functionality and behaviour will remain supported with the exception of the share option, which we have removed based upon feedback from our users.

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