Release no. 102.0

🚦 Introducing our new Bid Status panel

  • A panel at the top of the supplier-side My Bid page which will clarify bid status and a suppliers progress towards completion

  • Includes a description of what current bid status means and progress indicator showing how many exchanges are complete / remaining.

  • Helps to reinforce how bidding works and will reassure suppliers once their bid is complete that there is nothing else for them to do.

  • For more information click here.

🗂 We've made some improvements to “my lists” popup

  • Existing “my lists” pop up has been updated to ensure an improved and more consistent experience.

  • This popup is available from the Suppliers tab and allows users to select and add suppliers to the request from their company lists.

  • The select all behaviour has been moved to sit above the list of suppliers and number badges have been added to better indicate how many suppliers have been selected within a list.

  • All functionality continues to be supported with only minor improvements for consistency and clarity.

✉️ We've made some improvements to the Invites page

  • Existing Invites page has been updated to ensure an improved and more consistent experience. This page is available via the Network page and shows the status of all invites issued from the active company across all users on the team.

  • This page will now show a single table containing all invites. The table will include pagination and can be filtered and sorted.

  • All existing data shown on the page is available and unchanged.

🐛 Bug fix

  • Fix to ensure that users receive an email if their Collaborator Company is removed from a Request, causing them to be removed too.

  • Fix to ensure the position of the help button at the bottom-right of the screen is correct while the Team tab is active for live Requests.

  • Fix to ensure the correct icon is shown for the can edit page permission for Requests.

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