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Inviting Third Parties to your Requests
Inviting Third Parties to your Requests

Learn how to use the collaborator feature to add third-party companies to a Request

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This article is intended for buyers. If you’re a supplier, check out our supplier help articles here.

This article covers:

What is the Collaborator Feature

The Collaborator feature allows you to add third-party companies to a Request. Users from other companies can support you in building and managing a live Request, similar to a Team Member from your own company. There is no limit to the number of collaborator companies that can be added (based on your current plan).

How to Add a Third Party to Your Request

To add a third party to your Request:

  1. Open the relevant Request.

  2. From the Team Tab, click + Add collaborator on the left sidebar, choose the company name you want to add, and assign them a role.

In the Team tab, add at least one team member from each collaborator company by clicking Add User. Set the visibility permissions for each user under the Team tab for each of the Pages you have created.

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