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This article aims to help readers understand what our Evaluation module is, what its benefits are and how to interact with it.

This article will cover:

- What is the Evaluation module -

The Evaluation module is a tool that allows you - and any additional team members on the Request - to rank and score suppliers’ submissions side by side; you can define what criteria is used and weigh it according to how important it is to you and your stakeholders.

You’ll be able to view your scoring in a side by side comparison.

Once created and your Request is live, you and your team can then assess each supplier's responses and enter points to rank how well their proposals address your company’s needs.

The Evaluation module will help you to collaborate efficiently with your wider stakeholders and will ensure you gain insightful responses from your assessment exercises.

- How do I add the Evaluation module to my Request -

The Evaluation module for each Request is in the Details tab. Click there to get started and select add evaluation.

To add your first Section, select the add section button and enter a title (what the section is measuring) and weight for that Section (this will let you to determine how important it is relative to other Sections i.e. other aspects of the tender)

⚡ Top Tip: Score your suppliers responses directly from the Comparison tab on a live Request to save time vs clicking into each supplier profile individually

Next, it’s time to add the criteria that you want to include under the Section. Select add criteria to get started. You can add as many criteria as you would like under each Section and weigh them based on how important they are relative to each other.

- How do I manage my Evaluation module -

Once the Request is live you can access your Evaluation module via the Comparison tab.

To view, select the Evaluation tab using the dropdown list in the top left corner.

As suppliers send their intention to bid, their name will appear in the Evaluation table. You and your team members will then be able to enter scores against each of the suppliers.

To add points, click on a supplier's name and select the Evaluation tab at the top in order to enter evaluation criteria. Any fields that require updating will be marked in yellow.

When you have completed your evaluation activity you’ll have a side by side comparison of scores for each of your suppliers; you can find this in the Comparison tab within your live Request. You’ll be able to both view this on DeepStream and download a .csv file which you can store or share further.

Once your Request is live you can add more criteria, remove it and even re-order it.

If you want to add criteria to a Section once your Request is live, select the edit button where you want to add additional criteria.

Then click add criteria and add the relevant details

If you want to remove criteria from a Section. Select the edit button in the Section.

Then select '...' on the right hand side of the criteria you want to remove and mark it as obsolete

If you want to reorder the Sections click '...' beside the edit button and select move up or move down

If you want to reorder the criteria within a Section. Select the edit button in the Section, click '...' on the right to move the criteria up or down

Visit our team permissions page to find out how to set permission for your Evaluation module.

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