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Build and save Request flows using Templates
Build and save Request flows using Templates

Learn about Templates and how you can use them to help save you time and drive best practices within your organization

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This article is intended for buyers.

If you’re a supplier check out our supplier help articles here.

This article aims to help readers understand what our Templates feature is, what it’s benefits are and how to interact with it.

This article will cover:

- What is a Template -

Templates allow you to build and save your standard processes and include key documents, Stages, Questions and your evaluation and scoring criteria. This will help save you time (and will save you from the monotony of repetitive, manual tasks!)

When you build or save a Request as a Template, all relevant data (incl. files) will be retained as part of it apart from the below:

  • Deadlines

  • Reference numbers

  • Request Members and Authorised Stakeholders

  • Permissions

  • Suppliers

Templates created by all users can be seen across the company team. Only Full Users can create, use and manage Templates.

✏️ Note: All of your saved Templates can be found in the Templates bar, under the Requests tab. This is also where you can edit, rename and delete them as appropriate.

- How to build a Template -

To build a new Template...

... Go to the Templates tab and select new template on the right hand side. If you wish to create a Template based upon an existing Request click based on existing request, if you wish to build one from scratch select blank template.

If you choose to build a Template based upon an existing Request, a pop up window will appear so you can choose which one. You’ll have to choose the Request and then give your Template a name.

If you choose to build a Template from scratch, you’ll first need to give it a name. After which you will follow the same process as you would for building a Request from scratch, details which you can find here. Once you’ve built your Template, click save and it will be stored in your Template library for future use.

If you want to start a new Request based upon an existing template. Go to the Requests page, select Templates and hover over the Template you wish to use. This will show the option to build a new request. Click this and follow the steps as normal.

- How to manage your Templates -

To rename, delete or edit a Template...

... You first need to go to the Request Page, and select Templates from the side bar.

After this, you should hover over the Template you wish to make a change to, this will show up a '...' button. Click this and you will see various options.

To rename, or make any edits to your Template, click edit, or to delete it select delete. If you wish to build a Template that’s similar to said Template you can click duplicate. This will create a copy of the Template which you can then edit or use as appropriate for what you want to do.

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