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Receiving emails from DeepStream
Receiving emails from DeepStream

Troubleshooting Receiving Emails from DeepStream

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This article will cover:

Why does DeepStream send emails?


Upon signing up, all users are required to verify their email address for security purposes. This ensures that no one else can sign up on your behalf.

Keeping You Updated:

Emails are sent from the platform to keep you and your team members informed about any live requests you are running or if you've been invited as a Supplier. Once signed up, you can adjust your Notification settings to select which email updates you wish to receive.

When Emails are Not Received

Incorrect Address:

If the email address is misspelt or incorrect, emails will not reach you. To resolve this:

  • Check that your email address used for signing up matches exactly.

  • If there's an error, contact DeepStream support for assistance.

Junk Filters:

Some email providers may flag our emails, directing them to secondary folders like 'Spam' or 'Junk.' To resolve:

  • Open secondary folders such as 'Spam' or 'Junk.'

  • Check for emails from DeepStream and mark them as 'not spam' or 'trusted.'

Quarantined Messages:

Your IT department might quarantine flagged messages. If so:

  • Follow instructions in the quarantine notification to mark the message as safe.

  • Contact your IT department if unsure about their quarantine system.

Blocked Messages:

Some providers may block emails from unknown or untrusted sources. To resolve:

  • Add DeepStream to your provider's 'allow list' or similar.

  • Confirm changes with your IT department or email provider.

When Nothing Resolves an Issue

If you've tried the above steps and sought advice internally, please contact us for further investigation.

✏️ Please Note: That while we can provide insights, many issues are beyond our control.

For any further queries, please use our live chat feature or email:

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